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A large ear reduction is an operation that is performed for patients with a problem with the emergence of the ear away from the head. This is called a bronchial or abdominal ear. It is also performed for people with large earlobe, which is an aesthetic problem for the patient and may affect His psychology and self-confidence.

Who can perform an emollient surgery:

Any person suffering from the large size of the ear flap or its appearance away from the head (the ear of the vagina) can perform the process of ear reduction, preferably after the age of 11 until cartilage shrink completely

Steps to Conduct Ear Implants:

Anesthesia is performed using local anesthesia for adults and total anesthesia for children
The operation takes from one to two hours and does not need to stay in the hospital
After the operation you get the result at 70% and the period of obtaining the final result up to 3 months
Before and after the process of Ear Implants:

The patient should not be expected to obtain immediate results after the ear reduction. It may take longer than three months to obtain the final results of the operation. The wound will heal permanently and the cartilage will return to its normal shape and shape.

Pre-operation instructions

Conduct the tests your doctor tells you to make sure you are safe before you perform the procedure.
Stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol long before the procedure.
Refrain from eating or drinking before surgery for at least 12 hours


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