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Hair transplantation – Berkutan technique

3D hair transplantation

Berkutan is the latest technology in the field of hair transplantation and is based on the principle of using a special needle with a very thin head

The method of work :

Dependent on the use of thin needles of titanium to ensure that no inflammation or any sensitization in the scalp
The tip of the needle is changed according to the area to be planted to be the open channels at the natural hair angle

Among the most important features of this technology:
1 – opening the channels receiving the bulbs in the form of three-dimensional circular holes and not straight cracks like the traditional fue method

2 – The holes are too small to the size of the bulb and thanks to this the finger is fed better and heal the wounds faster

3 – the possibility of planting 40-50 bulbs per 1 centimeter square, which ensures the required density

4 – control the implant implant and hair growth trend to grow similar to natural hair growth, which ensures the correct view of hair implanted when reaching the final growth stage

Hair Transplant

One week before the operation should stop:

1 Drink a hookah because it causes high blood pressure and degree of fluidity
2. Take aspirin or vitamin
3 Drink alcohol and drugs
Drink green tea and Nescafe in general



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